Whittington Strings Project

“Whittington String Project”
East Geelong Uniting Church is a vibrant and diverse worshipping community in the Geelong area. East Geelong congregation is constantly discerning ways of being a faithful witness to God in both words and deeds. God’s word in the Gospel is the guiding light and the gentle enabler of people in God’s mission. God’s word compels this community to embody its teachings in the way we love and engage with our local community.


Vision for this project

It is envisioned that through the Whittington String Project and the ongoing engagement with parents and members of the community throughout the life of this project, the vision of the Presbytery “Regenerating the Church” strategy is developed and promoted. More than any other art form, music has the ability to rally entire communities into creating a harmonious environment consistent with this strategy.


East Geelong congregation has developed and maintain supportive partnerships with local key stakeholders of our community. In partnership with the Whittington Primary School, and the Bellarine Living and Learning Centre, conversations were facilitated by Rev Ikani Vaitohi around the setting up of a string music program for students attending the Whittington Primary School. Whittington comprises of residents from a lower socio-economic background who cannot afford the luxury of extra curricula activities for their children when those activities are not provided by the school. The principal, Mr Barrie Speight, is very supportive and believes that nurturing the artistic gifts in every child is essential to breaking and ending the devastating cycle of violence and poverty.

Learning a musical instrument can have a huge impact on the life of a young person and can enhance the well-being of a local community as well. The Whittington String Project is doing just that for children in the most disadvantaged suburb of the Geelong Region hardest hit by recent spate of job losses.

The Whittington String Project is currently assisting 22 primary school children to learn to play the violin or cello. This program is free but needs your support either financially or by donating violins or cello. If you could assist this program please contact the minister Rev Ikani Vaitohi on mobile: 0432 680 028 or (03) 5248 5031